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Graber Plantation Shutters

Graber Composite Plantation Shutters Marana
Graber Traditions Composite Shutters let you experience the essence of real wood in rooms that require a durable or cost-effective solution. Engineered to withstand high humidity, Graber Composite Shutters coordinate with Graber Composite Blinds and are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other high-humidity rooms.

Engineered to Perform

  • Rigid, composite construction resists flexing from season to season

  • Color palette overlaps with Graber Composite Blinds for whole-home coordination

  • Impervious to moisture, meaning you can install in any indoor environment

  • Designed for durability, composite shutters are ideal for high-traffic areas

  • Composite shutter panels now come as wide as 36", offering a better solution for larger windows and allowing for a clearer view to the outside

Graber Wood Plantation Shutters Tucson
Graber Traditions Interior Wood Shutters

For unsurpassed elegance and natural beauty, 100% North American hardwood Graber Traditions Wood Shutters are a premium window treatment. Hand-crafted in a range of custom styles, they are an investment in quality that will add warmth and value to your home.

Real Wood, Real Benefits

  • A three-step drying process and a strict adherence to quality standards guarantee the straightest possible wood components

  • Graber craftsmen skillfully apply vibrant stains and environmentally-friendly water-based paint finishes for a stunning look

  • Color palette overlaps with Graber Wood Blinds for whole-home coordination

  • Our wood components are carefully constructed with the highest degree of quality and attention to detail

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