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Vertical Window Treatments are a fantastic way to dress your large windows and patio sliding doors. With these 3 1/2" PVC Vertical blinds, you get the functionality of a blind in a sliding format, allowing you to open the vanes for additional light or even a view through, or to slide the vanes completely out of the way for easy access. Graber verticals are an affordable and beautiful way to cover your windows and doors.


Sliding Door Options

Tucson-Graber-Sliding Panel

Sliding panels are a sleek, modern, and versatile way to outfit your wide windows and patio doors. Plus, you can choose from hundreds of colors and a wide selection of styles from our Fresco Roman, Natural, Roller, and Solar Shade collections for a perfectly coordinated look.

Vertical Cellular -The cord-free, handle-free sliding solution is a polished way to add color, style and insulation to patio doors and sliders, some of the biggest window openings in the house where energy loss is often overlooked. It is also a perfect way to section off rooms.

The optional Day and Night shade, like two shades in one, features two fabrics for the ultimate design and light control versatility.

Tucson-Norman-Open Bypass-shutter

Bypass shutters contain panels that slide pass each other when opened or closed.  The panels are aligned with the sliding doors for easy movement between the interior and exterior space.  For more unobstructed views opt for a bypass open system where the louvers can be open when the panels are in front of each other.

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