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Norman Plantation Shutters

Tucson-Norman-Plantation Shutters

World's Best Selling Shutter

Woodlore® Shutters are crafted using eco-friendly wood composite shutter with patented medical grade polypropylene coating for extra safety and durability. It’s not only environmentally safe, but it also exceeds even the most stringent international safety standards. Furnished with incredible density and strength, Woodlore® shutters are built to last a lifetime. Industry topping quality at an unbeatable value – there’s a reason why it’s the world’s best-selling shutter.

Norman Woodlore

Proudly Green

Among the most eco-friendly materials available, wood composite production involves very little waste, with up to 95% of every tree utilized. Made from the wood of rapid-growth trees, Woodlore® shutters enable tree replenishment at an extremely accelerated rate. Completely biodegradable, wood has much less of an environmental impact than other building materials.

Norman Woodlore Plus

Shutter of the Future

Woodlore® Plus is a wood composite hybrid shutter utilizing lightweight yet durable ABS for its louvers, a material often used in high-end endurance applications such as appliances, car parts and helmets, while utilizing structured wood composite frames and rails.  It is VOC safe and CARB compliant for off-gassing.

Woodlore® Plus is tougher, has more colors and is more versatile than ever before.

Norman Normandy

Luxurious Natural Beauty

Sophisticated and unique, with real hardwood’s unmistakable natural beauty and luxury.  The Paulownia hardwood in Normandy® stained shutters offers luxurious wood graining with elegant natural characteristics exhibiting both depth and character.

All Normandy® hardwoods are prescription wood conditioned for extraordinary durability and exhibit one of the best strength to weight ratios among all wood type shutters.

Any shape. Any size. Any color.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Normandy® offers a wide range of customization options to fit your personal style. Whether it is a triangle, round or sunburst, we haven’t met a window that we can’t cover. With a multitude of standard colors and a custom color option to match your wall color or furniture, your design possibilities are endless.

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