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Wood and Faux Horizontal Blinds

Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds

Our flagship Ultimate™ faux wood blind takes light control and privacy to the highest level by incorporating an exclusive bottom rail that pivots 90 degrees when closed to align with the slats and offer the tightest closure in the market. The signature cordless system is “Best for Kids” certified and offers flawless daily operation. Save on Tucson Blinds and Shades . Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Oro Valley-Norman-Faux-Wood-Blinds

SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds

Experience remarkable cordless technology, more privacy and less light leakage thanks to patented SmartPrivacy® technology. Our faux wood blinds are made for virtually any environment from heat to moisture to UV exposure. The SmartPrivacy® feature is available in both faux and premium real wood, to meet your every need.   The cordless option is child and pet safe, easy to operate and has the least amount of unwanted light penetration


SmartPrivacy® Normandy® Wood Blinds

 Discover natural elegance with Normandy® Wood Blinds featuring quarter-sawn wood and award-winning patented SmartPrivacy® technology that closes blinds tighter and conceals all route holes for extra privacy.  The distinctively grained and eco-friendly solution provides style and quality that’s immaculately refined. 

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